Where Does Confidence Come From?

Confidence For Basketball

Where does confidence come from? One of the coaches from a basketball camp called Point Guard College puts it this way, confidence comes from two things consisting of:

1. Preparation

2. What you think about all day

The more you develop yourself as a basketball player through proper preparation, the more confident you are going to be when you play basketball. However, even the best players miss shots, make bad passes, and lose control of the ball. In other words, everyone makes mistakes no matter how well prepared they are, or how good they are. This being the case, you can begin to mentally rehearse how bad it would be if you made a mistake and meditate on your fear of making mistakes. Even good players will start to lose confidence if they continuously think about the possibility of making a mistake.

Confidence is much more likely to come to players who rehearse success instead of failure. Likewise, players who view mistakes as a natural part of the game are going to have more confidence than those who view every mistake as a horrible, unforgiveable, catastrophe that will result in dire consequences and massive rejection.

Confidence In Your Walk With God

As Christians, most of us gain confidence in our walk with God when we make a conscious choice to prepare for each day by reading the Bible and praying. We also recognize that regular church attendance and fellowshipping with other Christians will instruct us and remind us to be faithful in our walk with God. But even those who do all these things know that they aren’t perfect. We all have sinned, and we still fall short of perfection at some point within our thoughts, attitudes, words, actions, and service towards God and others. In addition, we can probably all think of someone who appears to be more fruitful, more Godly, and more mature in their walk with God than us.

Even with a commitment towards God, we can all fall into the trap of rehearsing past sins that God has already forgiven. We can allow our thoughts to be infested with doubts about God’s love for us and meditate on the thought that God is probably mad at us and is looking for reasons to punish us. We can allow the spiritual maturity of others to cause us to feel spiritually inferior before God and man. If these thoughts persist, we will lose confidence in our walk with God by allowing our own thoughts to discourage us. God prefers that we understand that we are loved, treasured and valued by him, and that he has made us for a specific role and purpose that he thinks is important whether anyone else thinks its important or not. These are the thoughts that we must think about all day long in order to gain confidence in our walk with God.

If you want to grow in confidence in your relationship with God, ask yourself:

Do I prepare myself to live for God with daily prayer, Bible reading, church attendance and fellowship with other Christians?

What do I think about all day long? Does it build my confidence in God and my relationship with him, or does it tear down my confidence in God and my relationship with him?

Your answer to these questions will tell you whether you need to make some adjustments in your lifestyle and habitual thinking.

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