when it comes naturally

dribbling a basketballWhen Kyrie Irving does a crossover dribble, it often happens in a flash. When he dribbles through his legs, behind his back, spins, or puts together a flurry of several dribble moves, it all happens so quick it’s a blur. Barry Sanders was the same way as a running back in football. He would dart in and out, hesitate, then explode and change directions so quick, he would leave defenders flatfooted and grasping for the air.

Athletes such as kyrie Irving and Barry Sanders are a perfect example of training plus good instincts. When they practice, they repeat the same moves so many times that they can do moves almost instantaneously, and they can do it with very little, if any thought. In fact, if they try to think about what they are doing, it will slow them down. The actions must be so reflexive that they occur naturally without having to think about it. These players play on automatic pilot and let their instincts take over by reacting. When you take good habits that have been practiced over and over, and you combine it with great instincts, the end result is an amazing assortment of unstoppable moves.

One of our goals as Christians should be to develop good habits. You can only develop good habits by making it a practice to do the right thing over and over again. Having an attitude of thankfulness, rejoicing in the midst of hardship, loving one another, staying calm and peaceful during times of trouble, these are all things that we can practice. If we practice them consistently, all of these attitudes will become habits, and habits are what form your lifestyle.

Practice is good, but there’s more to it than practice. God also wants to cleanse us from our sinful nature and impart His own nature into our hearts. When we have God’s nature residing on our inside, we have the additional benefit of naturally wanting to do the right thing. When you combine good habits with a nature that instinctively wants to do what is right, the result will be to do the right thing without having to think about it. You won’t have to constantly remind yourself to do right, or have to try your hardest to focus on doing the right thing, you’ll just do what is right because it will come naturally without thought. If you would like to make this a goal for yourself, practice what is right, and spend time with God so that he can fill you with his nature until it comes naturally to do the right thing.

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