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Trust, Don’t Worry

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quarterback ready to take a hike from cetner

One of the linemen on the Carolina Panthers who are headed to the Super Bowl this year, is a player by the name of Michael Oher who plays left tackle. A movie was actually made that focused on Michael Oher called the Blind Side. One reason the movie was called the Blind Side was because left tackles often have the biggest role in fending off defensive rushers from attacking the quarterback’s left side, which due to the way a right handed quarterback sets up to pass, is usually his blindside. When the left tackle does his job really well, the best thing a quarterback can do is to trust his blockers and focus on finding receivers. If he doesn’t trust his left side pass protection, he will keep looking back over his shoulder for fear that defensive rushers are attacking from behind. Of course a quarterback will lose focus on finding open receivers and find it much more difficult to pass effectively under these conditions. Continue reading Trust, Don’t Worry