Strategic Change

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Coach Looking Over The BenchIn Major League baseball, it is not unusual for a coach to assign players to positions and have a relatively small amount of change in relationship to who plays those positions throughout a season. Of course there is an exception to this when it comes to the pitcher. A team may have the same short stop all season long. This is true of just about any position, except pitchers. Pitchers are constantly changed in order not to wear down their throwing arm. They are also changed when the opposing team is bombarding them with hits and runs.



Smart Change

A smart coach knows when to change players in positions, and where a change needs to be made, but he is also smart enough to see when something is working and leave it alone so that it will keep working. There is no formula for change except to look and see if changes need to be made, and to make changes according what would produce the most beneficial outcome.

Good and Bad Change

Change can be a good thing when it produces a good outcome, but change doesn’t automatically make things better; there are times when change is the wrong thing to do. This is true in sports, it’s true in life, and it’s true within the kingdom of God. Every time we grow closer to God or mature in our faith, we change in a good way. Every time a person puts their faith in Christ for the first time, positive change is occurring and the kingdom of God is growing. Every time a need makes itself known and someone meets that need, a change has occurred for the better.

While good change is wonderful, there are some things that should never change. When churches neglect prayer and replace it with other church activity, it’s not a good change. When Biblical values are disregarded in favor of preferences that the Bible calls sinful, it’s is not a good change. When the grace of God that leads to the work of the Holy Spirit and righteous living is replaced by a grace that gives people a license to sin without remorse, it is the wrong kind of change.

Strategic Change

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8   “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever.” There are somethings that should never change. Good baseball coaches can see when it’s good to change, and when it’s bad to change, and as Christians, we must do the same. We cannot hold on to manmade traditions within the church or our culture when they need to be changed, nor can we become so wise in our own eyes that we try to improve upon the unchangeable qualities, and values of God that are already perfect. We must know that strategic change means change at the right time in the right way, while refraining from trying to improve on unchangeables that should never be changed.

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