Weight Training

For those who relate to weight training, the audio teachings in this section will present lessons on weight training that are designed to help you learn about the Kingdom of God.

Lesson 1:  The Path of Least Resistance


Lesson 2: Poor In Spirit: Lack, Weakness, Helplessness


Lesson 3: Poor in Spirit Part 2


Lesson 4: The Believers Number 1 Need


Lesson 5: Grace Through Faith In Jesus Christ


Lesson 6: Increased Body Awareness and Awareness of God


Lesson 7: The Carry Over Effect of Awareness, Physically and Spiritually 


Lesson 8: Positive Habits Develop Awareness of The Right Things


Lesson 9: Developing an Accurate View of God and Life


Lesson 10: Judging Between Good and Bad in Exercise and Life


Lesson 11: Choices


Lesson 12: Beliefs Determine Your Choices


Lesson 13: Love Affects Our Choices


Lesson 14: Past Experiences Affect Our Choices


Lesson 15:   How Failure and Success Can Affect Our Choices


Lesson 16:  How Relationships Can Affect Our Choices


Lesson 17:  How Relationships Can Affect Our Choices


Lesson 18:  Preferences


Lesson 19:  The Benefits of God’s Discipline


Lesson 20:  When Life Doesn’t Make Sense


Lesson 21: Unlikely


Lesson 22:  Love is The Greatest


Lesson 23: Trials and Challenges


Lesson 24:  Trials and Challenges Reveal Our Faith and Maturity


Lesson 25:  State Makes Great


Lesson 26: Trials and Challenges Will Test Your Sincerity


Lesson 26: Balancing Your Attention Between The Future and The Present


Lesson 28: Breakthrough vs. Baby Steps


Lesson 29: Humility


Lesson 30: When More is Good and When It is Bad


Lesson 31: Action vs. Effective Action


Lesson 32:  Saying Yes or No at the Right Time


Lesson 33:  Positive Motivation vs. Negative Motivation


Lesson 34:  Cramming vs. Consistency


Lesson 35:  Why Are You Doing a Good Thing?


Lesson 36:  Sense of Identity


Lesson 37: How Others Influence Your Identity


Lesson 38:  Identity In Christ Expressed Through Love


Lesson 39:  Forming A Godly Identity in The Face of Social Pressure


Lesson 40:  Identity and Role Models


Lesson 41: The Role of Names and Labels in the Formation of Identity


Lesson 42:  Failure: Learning From it or Failing to Learn


Lesson 43: Hopeless Examples That God Used For His Glory


Lesson 44:  When Quitting Is Good


Lesson 45:  I Can’t Accept Not Trying


Lesson 46:  Overcoming Limitations Created by Shame


Lesson 47:  Don’t Let Past Performance Determine Your Future


Lesson 48:  Working at The Right Level


Lesson 49: Laziness is Limiting Factor


Lesson 50:  Overwork Can be a Limiting Factor


Lesson 51:  The Limiting Factor of Disorganization


Lesson 52:  Limiting Factor: Lack of Purpose, Clarity, and Purpose


Lesson 53: Lack of Knowledge is a Limiting Factor


Lesson 54:  Lack of Discipline is  a Limiting Factor 


Lesson 55:   Limiting  Factor; Not Being Yourself


Lesson 56:  Limiting Factor; Lack of Long Term Perspective


Lesson 57: Limiting Factor; Poor Transitions


Lesson 58: Limiting Factor: Failure to Analyze


Lesson 59:  Limiting  Factor: Over Analysis


Lesson 60:  Beginning, Middle, and End