Great Talent or Great Influence?

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influenceWithin the arena of sports, coaches are always in search for great talent. Some people believe that great talent is a guarantee to a winning team, but there are coaches who have gone after extreme talent, only to be bitten by the prize winning catch that they reeled in.



Great Talent, but a Destructive Influence

There are coaches who have had a mega talent on their team who was the worst player on the team during practice when the crowd wasn’t watching, but suddenly turned into a spectacular star player in a game situation when they were in the spotlight. The player looks like the savior who carries the only hope for a team that isn’t doing so well, but the coach sees a player who has set a terrible example that destroyed the keys to success by instigating a nonproductive practice atmosphere, and damaging team morale. In the end, any hope for success is greatly diminished by such a player.

Looking Good vs. a Good Heart

There have always been public figures who looked good in the eyes of the masses, but they were actually doing more harm than good. Paul warns us in 2 Corinthians 11:13 to be on guard against false apostles who masquerade as apostles of light as there were those who were not sincere in their faith. No matter how good, or how important they look, they do not have a good influence because they don’t have a good heart. A good heart cares about others and is willing to serve whether they are noticed or not.  They are willing to help those who don’t have the ability to pay them back, and are willing to associate with common people without needing special treatment or recognition from them.

Who do you Follow?

Who do you follow? Who do you let influence you? Do you follow them because you are attracted to their public image, or do you follow them because they have qualities in their heart that are worth following? Paul warns us, in 1 Corinthians 15:33 not to be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” When choosing who you let have influence in your life, make it a priority to follow after those who have a good heart, more than those who seem to have talent, ability, and public approval. In the end, the heart has more influence on the outcome of your life than anything else.

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