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Fitness topics that are used to illustrate Christian concepts and principles.


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championsIn the 1960 summer Olympics, New Zealand suddenly came into the spotlight due to three runners who made it to the medal stand. Peter Snell won a gold medal in the 1,500 meter run, Murray Halberg won a gold medal in the 5,000 meter run, and Barry Magee won a bronze medal in the Marathon. Each runner had one thing in common, they were all coached by Arthur Lydiard. Continue reading Champions

It’s ok to be Wrong if You’re Right

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clean and jerkIn the 1980’s and 90’s, the Bulgarian weight lifters dominated the rest of the world in the highest levels of competition. Many people within weight lifting circles wondered what it was that led to their incredible strength. Eventually, some American coaches were invited to Bulgaria to take a peak at how the Bulgarian weight lifters trained. They were shocked. Continue reading It’s ok to be Wrong if You’re Right

The Spirit is Our Oxygen

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runnersWhen a non-exerciser goes out for a jog, they will generally find it difficult to continue jogging for very long without getting out of breath. On the other hand, someone who jogs on a regular basis will generally be able to keep jogging for a substantial distance without getting out of breath. Why is this? Because consistent exercise will produce physiological adaptations that enable a trained runner to utilize oxygen much more efficiently. Continue reading The Spirit is Our Oxygen

Methods and Habits

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Time and Effort

exhausted athleteMy favorite activities within the sports and fitness realm are basketball and weight training. When I participate in these activities, I like to get better, or at least do my best. Sometimes I do my best, but there are other times I know I can do way better. In my case, the problem is not usually the amount of time or the effort I put forth when I’m practicing or working out. I am willing to take the time to practice and workout, and I’m willing to put forth enough physical effort. What is it then that makes the difference between doing my best and not doing very well? Continue reading Methods and Habits

A Grind or a Delight?

Grinder Reps

incline bench pressIn weight training, there are occasions when a lifter squeezes out a long slow strenuous rep. This is often called grinding, or a grinder rep. There was a time when I believed a grinder rep was the most productive type of rep that anyone could do. I believed that it was so challenging to my body that it would force my body to gain strength. This was my mindset for years, if not decades. Continue reading A Grind or a Delight?

Instant Results and Persistence

Fotolia_65898753_Subscription_Monthly_MWhen a basketball player shoots a basketball, they can evaluate the outcome of their performance right away. Either they made the shot, or they missed. In contrast, if you consider advanced strength athletes who are training to get stronger, or distance runners who are training to improve their time by a few seconds, they won’t see the results of their efforts by the end of their workout. They must wait until future workouts to evaluate whether or not a previous workout helped them to improve. The truth be known, at the advanced level, it often takes athletes weeks or months of workouts to make any improvements and clearly evaluate the results of what they have been doing.  Continue reading Instant Results and Persistence

Hitting the Wall

Hitting the Wall

runnersElite distance runners are extraordinary. They can run a full marathon for 26 miles at a pace that the average person would have to push hard to maintain for 200 meters. Great marathon runners must train for years to develop the endurance to run the whole race at a fast pace without hitting what is referred to as the wall. Continue reading Hitting the Wall