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Don’t Quit

A Difficult Start
Don't Quit
Don’t Quit

He started out with a record of 1 win and 13 losses in 1969 which was his first year as a coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His next two seasons were also losing seasons as head coach over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chuck Noll was perhaps the winningest coach in the NFL during the decade of the 1970’s as his team won four Super Bowls including 1974, 1975, 1978 and 1979. Of course this is a fabulous accomplishment, but remember it started out with great difficulty and loss after loss after loss. What if he had quit, or the owners of the Steelers had quit on him? One of the greatest coaches in NFL history would have never had the dominating impact on football that he had. Continue reading Don’t Quit


The Wonder of Balance

Vintage scale in balance and equilibriumWhen I was 4 years old, I wasn’t too crazy about playing with girls, but one of my neighbors was a girl, and for a while I loved going to her house because she had a bicycle and I didn’t. I was absolutely fascinated with the idea of getting on something that couldn’t stand up by itself, but somehow when a person would get on it to provide the right balance, the bicycle could be ridden without falling over. Anytime I could find a way to persuade my neighbor girl to let me hop on her bike and go for a ride, it was the highlight of my day. Fortunately, it wasn’t too long before my parents bought a bike for me so I could ride it anytime I wanted. The only thing I hated about the new bike is that it came with training wheels. To me training wheels were for babies and little kids, so I demanded, or shall I say, I urgently pleaded with my dad to take them off as soon as possible if not sooner. I wanted to ride a real bike and I wanted people to know that my sense of balance was good enough to ride without training wheels. Continue reading Balance

You Are Unique

Great but Different

 Red house standing out in row of blue housesIn the early 1980’s there were two runners from Great Britain named, Sebastian Coe and Steve Ovett, who kept on breaking each other’s world records in the mile and half mile. Their times would still be great today. Since they competed during the same era in time, and the same country, it seems they must have had a secret that they shared in regard to their success. However, they trained in a very different manner. Sebastian Coe liked training with variety and doing shorter workouts that consisted of running five to twelve miles per day. Steve Ovett preferred much more mileage and would run in the area of eighteen miles per day. Continue reading You Are Unique

Spiritual Fitness and God’s Redemptive Power

Glowing crossSpiritually Fit in Different Ways 

  Physical fitness and spiritual fitness both have various categories that make up one’s overall level of fitness.  For example, if I were taking a fitness test, the categories on the test might measure things such as aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, and speed and quickness.  Some tests may also measure lean body weight percentage and balance.  Most of us will find it easier to achieve a higher level of fitness in some of the fitness categories than others because we have natural physical characteristics that we inherited that make some of the categories of fitness easier for us to be good at than others. Continue reading Spiritual Fitness and God’s Redemptive Power