Welcome to Sports and Fitness Parable’s which is founded and created by Mark Sherwood.  As you look through the material on this website, you will find articles and videos that generally begin with a sports or fitness topic.  The selected sports or fitness topic will contain a story or lesson that is then applied to the Kingdom of God and the Christian faith.

Why teach about the Kingdom of God in this way? Because using an example from everyday life to teach about spiritual principles is called a parable. Parables are one of the primary ways that Jesus taught people about the Kingdom of God.

The reason Mark has chosen to use sports and fitness to teach about the Kingdom of God is that he  has a background in sports and fitness  and Biblical studies. His education consists of a BS degree as an exercise specialist and physical education from the University of Wisconsin. He also has a background  in Biblical studies from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas Texas.

Mark’s professional background consists  over two decades in the field of education as a physical education teacher, sports coach, classroom teacher, and Bible teacher. Along with this, he has frequently been involved in children’s ministry and Christian Camp work. This combination of experience has made it convenient for him to use sports and fitness to  teach about the Christian faith.

Mark’s desire is that the content on this website will  help people grow in their knowledge of God and bring them closer to Him.

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