Dealing With Set-backs

Today I went to the basketball court to work on my shooting and dribbling skills. When I got to the court, it was covered with water and puddles from a sprinkler system that was obviously overshooting the grass and watering the court as well. One end of the court was worse than the other. I went to the end of the court where there was less puddles, but even then, there was still a lot of water. The end I went to forced me to face into the sun and to shoot into the wind, both of which are detrimental to shooting.

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when it comes naturally

dribbling a basketballWhen Kyrie Irving does a crossover dribble, it often happens in a flash. When he dribbles through his legs, behind his back, spins, or puts together a flurry of several dribble moves, it all happens so quick it’s a blur. Barry Sanders was the same way as a running back in football. He would dart in and out, hesitate, then explode and change directions so quick, he would leave defenders flatfooted and grasping for the air.

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