God has a Strategy

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A Baffling Strategy

Fotolia_68836956_Subscription_Monthly_MThe hurry up offense, which is also known as the no huddle offense has been around almost as long as football has been around. However, in the earlier years of pro football, the no huddle offense was not a common strategy. Perhaps the first pro team to use it successfully on a consistent basis was the Buffalo Bills who made it to the Super Bowl four years in a row from 1990 to 1993. Their no huddle strategy baffled defenses that were unfamiliar with the fast paced version of football that the Bills used. Continue reading God has a Strategy

Never Stop Praying

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Michael Jordan: “I Can’t Accept Not Trying”

prayerWhat does it take to be the best? Michael Jordan is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best basketball player in the history of the NBA. He is famous for saying, “I can accept failure; everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept not trying.” This is simple wisdom for how to succeed, you try. One person may try, and it’s possible that they fail to accomplish what they wanted to accomplish. Another person might not try at all. Of course they don’t accomplish anything, but the one who is willing to try will at least give themselves a chance to succeed, whereas the person who never tries has no chance to succeed. Continue reading Never Stop Praying

A Narrow Road

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Long and Narrow

Fotolia_71620044_Subscription_Monthly_MA standard bowling lane is about sixty feet long, but it is only three and a half feet wide. It is long and narrow which makes it fairly easy to throw gutter balls without a focused effort to keep the ball on the lane. Even when the ball seems to be rolling straight, it can have a little side spin and end up veering into the gutter. There isn’t a lot of room for error or carelessness. Continue reading A Narrow Road

A Realistic Perspective

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OuFotolia_50983138_Subscription_Monthly_Mt of all the different types of shots that are attempted in the NBA, the dunk is only attempted 4.5 percent of the time. However, if you watch highlights of basketball games on the news, youtube, or a sports program on TV, dunks are shown over and over again. A shooting coach in basketball decided to take a survey. He asked players and coaches of all ages how often dunks occur in average NBA game. He was shocked at how many players and coaches believed that dunks accounted for 30% to 70% of the total number shots in an average NBA game. Continue reading A Realistic Perspective

Methods and Habits

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Time and Effort

exhausted athleteMy favorite activities within the sports and fitness realm are basketball and weight training. When I participate in these activities, I like to get better, or at least do my best. Sometimes I do my best, but there are other times I know I can do way better. In my case, the problem is not usually the amount of time or the effort I put forth when I’m practicing or working out. I am willing to take the time to practice and workout, and I’m willing to put forth enough physical effort. What is it then that makes the difference between doing my best and not doing very well? Continue reading Methods and Habits

A Soft Heart Towards God

catching a fly ballOne of my best friends in high school was named Burt. Burt loved baseball more than any other sport and he would often get me to play catch with him. He had an absolute rifle for an arm and he loved to throw pop ups to me. His popups would take off like a rocket to the point where the ball would almost disappear into a little dot in the sky before returning to earth. Burt was also somewhat mischievous and devious, and he would try to turn playing catch into a brutal activity. At some point, he would throw off his glove and challenge me to do the same thing while playing catch. Continue reading A Soft Heart Towards God

A Grind or a Delight?

Grinder Reps

incline bench pressIn weight training, there are occasions when a lifter squeezes out a long slow strenuous rep. This is often called grinding, or a grinder rep. There was a time when I believed a grinder rep was the most productive type of rep that anyone could do. I believed that it was so challenging to my body that it would force my body to gain strength. This was my mindset for years, if not decades. Continue reading A Grind or a Delight?