Being Ready for Opportunities

opportunityCoaches often have their players do what are referred to as readiness drills. These are simple drills to teach players to be in a ready position where they are alert to quickly react to a given situation that could arise in game. If this isn’t done, players won’t be trained to be ready for split second opportunities that will help them play effectively. Continue reading Opportunity

Make it A Part of Who You Are

A Great Shooter

build good habitsMr. Clutch. That’s what they called Jerry West, an NBA hall of fame player who had a career average of 27 points per game, and three seasons where he averaged over 30 points per game. When Jerry West played basketball, if his team needed to score a basket at a crucial point in the game, the strategy was very simple, give the ball to Jerry and let him score. Jerry was a team player, a good passer, and a good defender, but he was first and foremost a great scorer. One of the key reasons for Jerry’s ability to score was that he could shoot. He could shoot on drives to the basket, he could shoot from midrange, he could shoot from long range, and he could make his shots. Continue reading Make it A Part of Who You Are

Quickly Move On

No Time to Stop and React to Mistakes

Fotolia_54278746_Subscription_Monthly_MThere a lot of sports where you have little bursts of action followed by little breaks in between plays or volleys. Soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and basketball are different as they are based more on continuous play. One thing I learned from playing these sports is that you don’t have a lot of time to stop and get upset with yourself if you make mistake. Continue reading Quickly Move On

The Problem with Easy Success


Fotolia_74684437_Subscription_Monthly_MAt one of the schools I worked at, there was a group of kids that I coached in flag football that was full of superstars; at least they thought they were. The truth is that several of them were superstars at recess. They seemed to make great passes, great catches, and great runs; at least they did at recess. When another school challenged us to a game of flag football, the kids were thrilled; they couldn’t wait to take their recess successes and replicate them in a scheduled game with fans watching. However, they wanted to practice like they played at recess instead of having structured plays. I had a hard time convincing them that there was a better way to play, but they had done so well without my help at recess, they figured their recess style of play was the best option. When the game came, it was bad, really bad. The other team crushed us and our style of play looked silly. Continue reading The Problem with Easy Success

Never Mistake Activity for Achievement

Activity Without Achievement

achievementJohn Wooden was one of the greatest coaches in the history of college basketball. His practices were very demanding and he expected his players to practice hard and play hard. Even though this is true, a phrase that he often repeated was, “Never mistake activity for achievement.” In other words, effort doesn’t always produce results. If you are going to put forth effort, do it in a way that produces results. Continue reading Never Mistake Activity for Achievement

You Need More Than Good Equipment

You Need More Than Good Equipment

flippers scuba finsOn one occasion while I was in college, I recall a moment when reality spoke loud and clear in regard to my swimming ability. It happened when I went to my swim class that I was required to take as a physical education major.  On this particular day, I was very fortunate to have access to a set of flippers that scuba divers wear. I put them on and could hardly believe the difference a good pair of flippers made in my ability to flutter kick effectively. Usually my flutter kick barely got me anywhere, but with the use of flippers, each kick seemed to propel me forward with extreme speed and force that I had never experienced before. I was having a great time and was awed by my newfound ability that a set of flippers provided. Continue reading You Need More Than Good Equipment