God has a Plan for Your Life

A Great Runner

runnersIt was recently the 50th anniversary of a great performance by a high school kid from Kansas. On June 27, 1965, Jim Ryan stunned the track and field world by upsetting Peter Snell in the mile run. Snell was one of the best middle distance runners in the world. Ryan became the first athlete to run the mile under four minutes while still in high school. Not only that, he ran the mile in under four minutes a total of five times in high school and held the high school record in the mile for 36 years by running a 3:55.3. He eventually whittled his best time down to a world record of 3:51.1 in college. Ryan excelled in the 880 and the 1500 meter as well, setting world records in both. Continue reading God has a Plan for Your Life

True Confidence

No Confidence

confidenceIn my first ever game as a 6th grader in a tackle football leauge, I remember looking across the field at the other team as they did their warm up exercises. They were bigger than us, they were louder than us, and they had been the best team in the league the previous season. I was standing next to one of the best players on our team and he turned to me and said, “Those guys are huge. We’re going to lose.” Our team went into the game scared and before the game ever started, we lost our confidence. Then we lost the game. The other team psyched us out, just as they had tried to do. Continue reading True Confidence

Andre Iguodala Willingness to Sacrifice

Andre Iguodala 

Andre Iguodala started in 758 straight games as a pro basketball player in the NBA. However, when Steve Kerr took over as Warriors head coach at the start of the 2014-2015 season, he believed it would be better for the team if Andre came off the bench to play, rather than to remain in his traditional role as a starter. Iguodala was willing to do this as he realized that his team could move forward if he stepped back and let his teammates start. Continue reading Andre Iguodala Willingness to Sacrifice


dribbling a basketball“He can’t go right, force him to go right.” This is what I would often hear my opponents saying in my early years of playing basketball, and occasionally in my later years as well. The obvious reason for this was that I am left handed and I am much better at dribbling to the left with my left hand than I am going right. Going left is easy.  Going to the right is hard and it feels unnatural because it is unnatural for a lefty to go right. Continue reading Tendencies

Bad to Good

Bad Things Happen

punting a footballIf you have ever played sports, then you know that there are times when things can go wrong for a given team or player. One of the worst things that can go wrong in football is a bad snap to the punter. Usually a team is already pretty far back from the goal line when they punt, or they would try a field goal instead. Not only that, a team that punts hasn’t been doing too well during the last three downs or they wouldn’t be punting because they would have a first down. If you add to this a bad snap to a punter who is often ten to fifteen yards behind the line of scrimmage, you start to realize that an unfavorable situation is getting worse; especially if the bad snap goes over the punters head. Continue reading Bad to Good