Fix Your Eyes

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Macro shot of man's eyeIt seems like the most basic thing in the world, but you hear coaches say it over and over again; “Keep your eye on the ball. Watch it into your hands.” As simple as it may seem, athletes forget to do it under pressure. Receivers in football are often tempted to take their eye off the ball in order to know where they are going to run when they catch it. Basketball players often take their eye off the ball when receiving a pass in order to look up at the basket for a shot, or to look for an area on the court they are going to dribble or pass to next. Continue reading Fix Your Eyes

God Will Make a Way

No Way Out

Running backOne of the greatest running backs to ever play the game of football is Barry Sanders. There have been other great running backs who had the benefit of a tremendous offensive line, but you’ll find that a lot of the best running that Barry Sanders did occurred on the occasions when he didn’t have good blocking.  He would encounter seemingly impossible situations where he was entangled with defenders with no way out, but somehow he would find a way to break loose to score a touchdown. (See highlights) Continue reading God Will Make a Way


The Great One

hockeyWhen you think of hockey players, one name generally comes to mind immediately. In fact, when you think of NHL hockey at all, one player tends to come to mind immediately. Wayne Gretzky made such a huge impact on the game of hockey that it’s nearly impossible to think about great hockey players, or hockey in general without thinking about him. As great as a lot of hockey players have been, there haven’t been any as great as Gretzky and he is simply known in hockey circles as “The Great One.” Continue reading Great

A Better Path

A Setback

Not everything turns out the way you would like it to at various times during life. Louie Simmons experienced this as a powerlifting coach and elite powerlifter. Early in his career he was experiencing success, but he broke his back weight training. He had to take time off and then start over to rehabilitate himself. After gaining his strength back, he broke his back again. At that point, Louie had two options, either he would quit, or he would find a new way to train so that he wouldn’t keep hurting himself. He chose the second option. Continue reading A Better Path

No, That Can’t be Right

Great Shooters

wrongWhen the three point shot was instituted into the game of basketball, it caused long range shooting to advance to a new level that produced  a significant collection of incredible three point shooters. Some of these players include Stephen Curry who has the record for the most three points shots made in a season. Klay Thompson is a fabulous three point shooter and once scored 37 points in a single quarter of a game. The Atlanta Hawks have an amazing three point shooter by the name of Kyle Korver. He is currently on pace for having the highest three point shooting percentage for a season at 49%. This was thought to be impossible in the past. Continue reading No, That Can’t be Right

It’s not too Late with God

A Memorable Performance

woman runner running jumping  silhouetteDuring years in track and field in high school, I participated in countless track meets. Many of them were dual meets but I also participated in numerous Invitationals that consisted of multiple schools participating in the same meet. If I were asked, what was the most memorable performance of any athlete in any track meet that I participated in, it would be have to be an invitational meet when I was watching the 1600 meter relay race. Continue reading It’s not too Late with God