Game-Like Living

Functional and Game-like

shooting a basketballHow has practice and training for sports changed over the years? Perhaps in some cases it hasn’t. There have always been coaches who have understood how to practice and condition for their particular sport. On the other hand, if you look at current training information, it often emphasizes the words, “functional,” and “game-like.” All this means is that the activities that are done in practice should replicate  some aspect of a game situation as much as possible. Continue reading Game-Like Living

No More Room for Loss

Running   backA Great Running Back

One of my favorite running backs throughout the years that I’ve watched football is Tony Dorsett. He was quick, quick, quick. The first time I saw him play was when he played for the University of Pittsburgh. Tony was flat out faster and quicker than anyone else on the field. The defense could stop him on a lot of plays, but just barely. Every time he carried the ball he seemed to be on the verge of a break away run, and sooner or later it would happen; Tony would break loose and leave the defense behind for another spectacular run. He ran for over 6,000 yards during his college career and won the Heisman Trophy his senior year in 1976. Continue reading No More Room for Loss


Giftedness and Excellence

live by faithIn my own experience growing up, there were athletes who were obviously gifted far beyond the athletic ability that most others possessed. Most of these athletes knew they had ability and were eager to play on a team. Then there was the rest of us who ranged in ability from a little above average to below average. Many of those who fit into that ability range started out with great zeal, but as time went on and the level of play became higher and higher, those with less ability tended to lose enthusiasm and drop out of organized sports. However, there were exceptions to this. Continue reading Faith


Hard Hitters

football tacklingThere are times when you watch football when you can hear the collision. I remember watching Walter Payton who was an amazing running back who had no fear of blasting his way into a defensive line full speed ahead. Of course Walter had enough quickness and agility to find the smallest opening, but if there wasn’t an opening, crack! you would hear him smash into the line. There are other great running backs who hit hard. Natrone Means was savage in his ability to run defenders over. It hurt just to think about tackling him. Larry Csonka was another one who loved to run people over. Given a choice between an opening an someone to run over, he would run someone over. Continue reading Courage

Express it Through Love

Spectacular Dribbling

basketball dribbleWhen I began to concentrate on the sport of basketball during my high school years, I was drawn to the skill of dribbling. I liked Pete Maravich, Nate Archibald, and Magic Johnson because they could dribble. Not only could they score, they could find spectacular ways to score by slicing up defenses with their dribbling. If there were players that I wanted to imitate, I wanted to imitate the ones who could dribble. Continue reading Express it Through Love

Power Comes from the Center

he Origin of a Powerful Golf Swing

Golf driveWhen you watch an elite golfer drive a golf ball as far as he can, you can see from the speed of the club that they are generating a massive amount of force. To the untrained eye of a person who has not been schooled in regard to the best way to swing a golf club, the club of the head is generally the most noticeable thing about the swing because its action is so big. The arms are also quite active and travel through a large range of motion. Since the arms appear to making the most motion, it then becomes easy to make an inference that the arm muscles are responsible for generating the most force. However, there are other key influences to generating club speed and driving power.


Continue reading Power Comes from the Center

Change and Unchangeables

Rick Barry an Innovative Player

Change, Same Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.There are times when it’s time to look forward and form innovative new ideas that haven’t been thought of and implemented yet. There are also times to look back and to recognize the wisdom from the past.

In his day, Rick Barry was a great basketball player. He was a fantastic shooter from the outside and he knew how to torture defenses with the pick and roll. He could penetrate and score inside, but he knew how to pass and dish off to help his teammates score as well. Rick Barry was innovative in his style of play and pushed the boundaries of what was being done in basketball. Even though Rick was innovative and a master of the most current basketball skills of his day, he also borrowed from the distant past. Continue reading Change and Unchangeables

Sacrifice and Care

tired runnerAthletes Must be Willing to Sacrifice

There’s no getting around it, it takes great sacrifice to play sports at a high level. The sacrifice comes in the form  of the time that’s put into practicing the sport, and it comes in the form of a player being willing to push themselves to keep playing hard when they are tired. Contact sports have their own form of sacrifice. For instance, a football player must be willing to go head to head with an opponent even though they know that the contact that occurs from the collision will cause pain. Continue reading Sacrifice and Care