Sports Dynasties and the Kingdom of God

vector cartoon royal crownRecently the San Francisco Giants won the Major League World Series for the third time in the last five years. They are certainly one of the most dominant teams in baseball at this time in history. The New York Yankees have won the World Series more than any other team with a total of 26 wins. The St. Louis Cardinals are next with 11 World Series wins. The Oakland A’s, Boston Red Sox, and the Dodgers, Reds and Pirates have also won several times. When a team reaches the top again and again, we often say that the team has become a dynasty. There are times when sports dynasties have defined an era within the history of a particular sport. The dynastic era is generally marked by a particular team that seems to dominate more than the others. Continue reading Sports Dynasties and the Kingdom of God

Unbroken Fellowship

Continuous Unbroken Motion
jump shot
Jump shot

According to Paul Hoover, founder of the Pro Shot System that has analyzed the shooting form of every player in NBA basketball, no player’s jump shot gets more attention from basketball fans in terms of how to shoot, than Stephen Curry’s jump shot. Steph holds the record for the most 3 point shots made in a season and has also been clocked with the fastest jump shot of any player in the NBA at .4 seconds from start to finish. One of the secrets to the speed and force of his shot is that from the time the ball comes up off the floor when he dribbles to the end of the shot when the ball comes out of his hand, is that his shot is one single fluid motion. The majority of basketball players have a two motion shot. The ball is raised over head, comes to a stop, and then a second pushing motion is initiated. Stephen Curry’s shot is different in that there is no stop that breaks his shot into two motions. Continue reading Unbroken Fellowship

Unhindered Flow of Power

Flaming Basketball!Power and Force Production

For the average person to shoot from an NBA three point line, it would take quite a heave in order to get the ball all the way to the basket. It would also take a great effort to hit a golf ball over 250 yards and throw a baseball over 70 miles per hour. But somehow Stephen Curry can effortlessly get a shot to the basket from behind a three point line, Tiger Woods can effortlessly drive a golf ball 250 yards, and Aroldis Chapman can easily throw over 70 miles per hour without trying. Perhaps these professionals simply have more power built into their bodies. Continue reading Unhindered Flow of Power

Don’t Fear a Broken Play

Fotolia_3207764_Subscription_Monthly_MBroken Plays Happen

If you are a quarterback in football, you hope it doesn’t happen, but sometimes it does happen. You call a running play in the huddle, and the team lines up to run the play. When the ball is hiked into your hands, you turn to hand the football off, but no one is there to hand it to. Either the running back didn’t hear the play right, or for some reason he took off in the wrong direction, leaving you standing there with a ball you were supposed to handoff. There is a term for this type of occurrence in football, it’s called a broken play. Continue reading Don’t Fear a Broken Play

Developing Spiritual Senses

Give me your ear, listen closelySenses can not be Taught

I can remember being full of excitement on my first day of practice for little league baseball. We were fortunate as kids to have a coach who demonstrated exactly how to hold a bat and perform skills. He started by demonstrating exactly how he wanted us to place our hands on the bat and where he wanted us to position the bat in relationship to our back shoulder so we could swing properly.  Then how he showed us exactly how he wanted us to position our feet to be ready to step into our swing. Along with this, he showed us how to get into a good fielder’s stance, how to throw and catch, and how to do anything that could be demonstrated in baseball. Continue reading Developing Spiritual Senses