God’s Technology

technologyThe Rapid Spread of Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it’s not everything.  Perhaps, more than anything else, a huge leap in technology is the most distinctive change that has occurred over the last 100 years.  My father is 80 years old, yet he grew up in his early childhood on a farm without electricity or running water in his house.  He rode a pony to school and his first through eighth grade education took place in a one room school house.  He has seen massive change within his life time.  Within my own life time, I could have never imagined the impact that computers would have on our contemporary society. Continue reading God’s Technology

Timing is Important

The Importance of Timing in Sports
checking the time
checking the time

Timing is important in sports, there’s no way around it. A batter who swings at the wrong time is going to miss the ball whether he swings too early or too late. Pitchers know this and frequently change their throwing speed in order throw the batter’s timing off. In football, a quarterback must know how to throw the ball to a receiver at the right time. Throwing too early or too late makes the pass prey for an interception. In basketball and soccer, shots, passes and moves must be done at the right time when playing against good defenders. Openings are often split second opportunities that vanish if the timing is little too late.  Continue reading Timing is Important

The Victor

the victor's crownAmazed and Stunned by Arnold

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into a bookstore back in the late 1970’s and saw a book called Education of Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was absolutely stunned by his body and wasn’t sure if what I was seeing was possible, but such a person really did exist. Sometime later, I decided that as a pole vaulter it would be to my benefit do some strength training, so I got Arnold’s book. When I read the book, I found out I wasn’t the only one who was stunned by the sight of another man’s development. Arnold had experienced the same phenomenon himself, but not when he saw a book, but when he saw a competitor at a live competition. Continue reading The Victor

I Knew it

A hitPlans Are Ruined

I don’t remember how old I was at the time but I would guess I was around 12 or 13. For the first time ever, my entire family was going to a major league baseball game. It was a 90 mile drive from my home town in Wisconsin to Milwaukee where the Brewers played their games. During the trip to Milwaukee, rain clouds began to pile up and by the time we had arrived at the stadium, it was raining. Both players and fans sat there gritting it out while waiting for the rain to stop. A few times the rain did let up. The grounds keepers came out to uncover the field and some players started to warm up, but then it started raining again. After a lot of waiting, the announcement was finally made that the game was rained out. Big disappointment for me. Fortunately, things worked out for the better. Continue reading I Knew it