The Right Advice

good adviceConfusion from Advice

“Keep your eye on the basket, bend your legs more, keep your elbow in, follow through.” These are all words of advice that a person might hear who missed a shot while playing basketball. A baseball player who is batting and misses the ball might hear words of advice such as, “Keep your eye on the ball, swing earlier, take a level cut, don’t swing at everything, you don’t have to hit it out of the park, just get a hit.” Continue reading The Right Advice

Hold On

holding onThere was less than two minutes to go in the 2008 NFL Super Bowl, which featured the undefeated New England Patriots against the New York Giants. The Giants were behind late in the game and it looked like the New England Patriots were on their way to an undefeated season. The only team in NFL history that had ever made it through a whole season without a loss was the Miami Dolphins in 1972. When the Giants had possession of the ball, they were desperate and had no choice but to pass. It was up to quarterback Eli Manning to work a miracle on behalf of the Giants so he dropped back to pass but was quickly surrounded by New England’s defense with nowhere to go. He appeared to be smothered by pass rushers who grabbed onto his jersey and a sack looked inevitable. Continue reading Hold On

Think You Don’t Fit?

Red house standing out in row of blue housesThe Unexpected

It was in the winter of 2012 that the New York Knicks basketball team was hit with injuries and had to call upon their 12th man to play. It was a last resort option. The Knicks needed someone to play against the New Jersey Nets, and this time Jeremy Lin would be called upon to play for more than just a few minutes out of the game. What happened next was totally unexpected. The Knicks who had fallen below .500 won their next 6 games. In Jeremy’s game against the Nets, he scored 25 points, had 5 rebounds and 7 assists. As the games continued, Jeremy kept on putting up big numbers. He even scored 38 points against the Lakers. Unfortunately Jeremy eventually tore his meniscus in his knee and had to miss the end of the season and have knee surgery. Even so, no one would have predicted Jeremy Lin’s outburst of scoring, playmaking, and helping his team to win. Continue reading Think You Don’t Fit?

Selfishness or Sacrifice

In American football, the job of a blocker is to keep the running backs and the quarterbacks as safe as possible. If a quarterback finishes a game and has never been touched by the defense on a pass play, a blocker knows he’s done a great job. But it’s important to know that a blocker who has done a great job is the one who is going to get hit in order to keep the quarterback from getting hit. The blocker stands in the way of the blows of an opponent and sacrifices the welfare of his own body to ensure the welfare of the quarterback’s body.  This allows the quarterback to operate freely in order to pass, hand off or run. Continue reading Selfishness or Sacrifice

The Real Unedited Version

Highlights vs. Reality
Erasing a Mistake
Erasing a Mistake

One of the most enjoyable things for sports fans to watch is the sports highlights on the daily news. This is when you will see the spectacular moments consisting of homeruns, diving catches, and incredible shots in basketball, soccer, golf and tennis. You’ll also see magnificent dunks, bombs thrown for touchdowns, running backs slicing through the entire defense on their way to a touchdown, and anything that defies our imaginations with feats of greatness. You can also look on the internet for sports highlights and see similar things that may even surpass the news highlights. Continue reading The Real Unedited Version