The Perfect Strike

a strike in bowlingAlmost Perfect

One of my childhood heroes was a pro bowler by the name of Earl Anthony. I liked Earl because he was left handed just like I was (and still am) and he was constantly among the top 5 bowlers from one week to the next on the Pro Bowlers Tour. Earl was great at getting strikes. In spite of his greatness, Earl’s greatest downfall was the seven pin that is located in the far rear left corner among the rest of the pins. The seven pin was his greatest menace. Often times it looked like he rolled the ball perfectly into the strike pocket, but the seven pin would be left standing. Continue reading The Perfect Strike

Stay in the Race

runnersDon’t Count Yourself Out

On April 21st, 2014, Meb Keflezighi crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon in first place. At 39 years of age, there were a lot of people that didn’t take him seriously as a contender for a first place finish. They thought he was too old. Meb wasn’t worried about what people thought. If he would have been going by what most people thought, he wouldn’t have trained so hard and he wouldn’t even have bothered to enter the race. That’s what happens when you count yourself out, you take yourself out of the race. Fortunately, Meb ran the race and let his own thoughts guide him rather than the letting the thoughts of others guide him. Continue reading Stay in the Race

When it Cuts

Balls that Fly a Great Distance
punting a football
punting a football

When I was eleven and twelve years old, I was fascinated with flying objects. In particular I was fascinated with balls flying through the air. It could be a football, a baseball, or a golf ball, but what grabbed my attention the most, was to see a ball that was kicked, hit, or thrown a great distance. This being true, if I went to a college or professional game, what I loved most was the pregame warm up. I remember going to a Cubs vs. Reds game and watching Johnny Bench hit one ball after another over the home run fence during his batting practice. I also remember watching high school, college, and pro football games where the punter and kicker would warm up before the game. They would launch one long kick after another. I especially loved to watch the punters in football because the ball would take off like a rocket when they punted it the right way, which meant that the punt was a spiral. Continue reading When it Cuts

Finding Openings

Looking for Openings
An open door
An open door

Great players in football, soccer, and basketball have eyes that have been trained to hunt for openings. Even tennis players, and ping pong and badminton players look for openings. What openings are they looking for? They’re looking for openings to run through with or without the ball, openings to hit the ball to, openings to run to in order to get open for a pass, openings to pass through. Most of the time in high level sports competitions, openings don’t last long. They are only there for a split second and the best players learn to see them and take advantage of those openings. Continue reading Finding Openings