Dealing With Set-backs

Today I went to the basketball court to work on my shooting and dribbling skills. When I got to the court, it was covered with water and puddles from a sprinkler system that was obviously overshooting the grass and watering the court as well. One end of the court was worse than the other. I went to the end of the court where there was less puddles, but even then, there was still a lot of water. The end I went to forced me to face into the sun and to shoot into the wind, both of which are detrimental to shooting.

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when it comes naturally

dribbling a basketballWhen Kyrie Irving does a crossover dribble, it often happens in a flash. When he dribbles through his legs, behind his back, spins, or puts together a flurry of several dribble moves, it all happens so quick it’s a blur. Barry Sanders was the same way as a running back in football. He would dart in and out, hesitate, then explode and change directions so quick, he would leave defenders flatfooted and grasping for the air.

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Distinguishing Between Good And Evil


Good vs. EvilA highly skilled basketball player with a great shot will tell you that he knows whether or not the ball is going in the basket, the second the ball leaves his or her hand. This is because the player has shot enough good shots and bad shots to easily feel the difference between the two.

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Learning to Stop Quickly

stopOne of the very first skills that I taught to kindergarteners and first graders when I taught physical education was the skill of stopping. I’m sure that a lot of people believe that the ability to stop doesn’t really need to be taught because anyone can stop. I would agree that nearly anyone can stop, but I would also be quick to point out that not everyone can stop quickly and maintain perfect balance. This is especially true when having to stop from a full out sprint. Continue reading Stop

Trust, Don’t Worry

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quarterback ready to take a hike from cetner

One of the linemen on the Carolina Panthers who are headed to the Super Bowl this year, is a player by the name of Michael Oher who plays left tackle. A movie was actually made that focused on Michael Oher called the Blind Side. One reason the movie was called the Blind Side was because left tackles often have the biggest role in fending off defensive rushers from attacking the quarterback’s left side, which due to the way a right handed quarterback sets up to pass, is usually his blindside. When the left tackle does his job really well, the best thing a quarterback can do is to trust his blockers and focus on finding receivers. If he doesn’t trust his left side pass protection, he will keep looking back over his shoulder for fear that defensive rushers are attacking from behind. Of course a quarterback will lose focus on finding open receivers and find it much more difficult to pass effectively under these conditions. Continue reading Trust, Don’t Worry

Strategic Change

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Coach Looking Over The BenchIn Major League baseball, it is not unusual for a coach to assign players to positions and have a relatively small amount of change in relationship to who plays those positions throughout a season. Of course there is an exception to this when it comes to the pitcher. A team may have the same short stop all season long. This is true of just about any position, except pitchers. Pitchers are constantly changed in order not to wear down their throwing arm. They are also changed when the opposing team is bombarding them with hits and runs. Continue reading Strategic Change

Don’t Let Your Look Stop You

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He Didn’t Look Athletic

you can do itI knew five Jeff’s from middle school and high school. All of them were good athletes, and one was a super athlete. He looked athletic, and he was athletic. He dominated middle school sports competition and rewrote records in cross country and track and field. But there was another Jeff that I want to focus on. This Jeff had kind of a pudgy appearance. He was on the short side and had stubby legs. He really didn’t look athletic but he was. Jeff played football, basketball, and baseball for the school teams, plus he played in a city hockey league. He didn’t just play, he excelled. Continue reading Don’t Let Your Look Stop You

A Gentle Answer

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A Laser-Like Blur

Fotolia_66532324_Subscription_Monthly_MIt is not uncommon for professional tennis players to hit a tennis ball well over 100 miles per hour. The best players make it look as though it’s easy to return blistering serves and powerful forehand and backhand shots, but if you’ve ever been on a tennis court with a player who can hit with the speed of a professional, it’s a whole different perspective. Those shots seem like a laser-like blur that’s suddenly gone almost before you ever have time to see it. Continue reading A Gentle Answer


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championsIn the 1960 summer Olympics, New Zealand suddenly came into the spotlight due to three runners who made it to the medal stand. Peter Snell won a gold medal in the 1,500 meter run, Murray Halberg won a gold medal in the 5,000 meter run, and Barry Magee won a bronze medal in the Marathon. Each runner had one thing in common, they were all coached by Arthur Lydiard. Continue reading Champions